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Code contracting instruments like proguard serves to basically diminish the code impressions. Consequent to applying proguard to the code, test the application suitably as it replaces the pictures. You can get acquainted with proguard apk gratis

Proguard tackles the Java side. Tragically, it doesn’t work on the advantages side. Therefore, if an image my_image in resrawable isn’t used, Proguard just strips it’s reference in the R class anyway keeps the related picture set up.

Develop is a static code analyzer that makes you recognize each and every unused resource with a fundamental call to gradlew develop. It creates a HTML-report and gives you the thorough overview of advantages that look unused under the “UnusedResources: Unused resources” zone. It is secured to clear these benefits as long as you don’t find a good pace appearance in your code.

Develop separates resources (for instance records under the/res library) yet skips assets (for instance archives under the/assets file). In all actuality, assets are found a workable pace name rather than a Java or XML reference. Thus, Lint can’t choose if an advantage is used in the errand. It is reliant upon the architect to keep the/assets coordinator immaculate and freed from unused reports.

Reusing stuff is in all probability one of the chief critical upgrade you understand when starting making on flexible. In a ListView or a RecyclerView, reusing supports you keep a cover looking into execution. Nevertheless, reusing can in like manner help you with decreasing the last size of your APK. For instance, Android gives a couple of utilities to re-concealing an advantage either using the new android:tint and android:tintMode on Android L or antiquated ColorFilter on all interpretations.

You can in like manner prevent packaging resources that are only a turned resemblance another advantage. Assume you have 2 pictures named ic_arrow_expand and ic_arrow_collapse :

You can without a lot of a stretch discard ic_arrow_collapse by making a RotateDrawable relying upon ic_arrow_expand. This strategy furthermore diminishes the proportion of time your planner requires to keep up and exchange the fallen asset variety

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